If I Travel to Mexico, Do I Need To Buy Mexican Car Insurance?

Yes. Your United States policy does not cover legal liability for bodily injury or property damage caused in Mexico.

An accident that happens in Mexico may be considered a criminal offense. If you drive there without a policy issued by an authorized Mexican Insurance Company, and you are involved in an accident, you could spend time in jail.

Sometimes we will get a call from a client who asks about a part of their policy that indicates they have Mexico Coverage. In Arizona, some companies will offer a car insurance policy that will have “Limited Mexico Coverage,” but it is important to note that it has several restrictions that include the following:

1. The first thing to remember is that it does not include the required Mexican liability insurance.

2. The Mexico Coverage on your policy purchased in the United States is not valid unless you have also purchased the required Mexican Insurance Policy.

3. Most policies will have a mileage limitation. It does not cover you more than 25 miles into Mexico.

4. The coverage for the damage to your car only applies if it has been in Mexico less than 10 days.

Remember that if you are traveling into Mexico, you must purchase Mexican Insurance recognized by the Republic of Mexico.

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